CFA Preview #3: A is for…

It wouldn’t make much sense for a game to be called Costume Fairy Adventures if it didn’t have costumes. And costumes we’ve got—108 of them in the core game, all told. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be giving you a taste of what your wardrobe has in store.

We thought we’d start from the top—so without further ado:

A is for…

A is for...

Alchemist’s Frock

Mix random things in a bottle and get spectacular explosions! As far as you know, that’s how alchemy works, so when you’re dressed for the part, it does. You’ll whip up bombs with classic elemental effects, and often survive their detonation.

Angelic Dress

Escape the consequences of your shenanigans by slipping on this heavenly number. Compel the unbelievers with the limitless power of love!

Artist’s Smock

Unleash the products of your deranged imagination in this bohemian ensemble. A swish of your paintbrush will bring your creations to life. Terrifying, fully animate life.

Check back on Friday, when we’ll explore the Bs!

Illustration Credits

  • Alchemist’s Frock by Louise Leung
  • Angelic Dress and Artist’s Smock by Hollie Williams

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