CFA Preview #4: B is for…

We continue our sartorial journey with Costumes that start with B. What does the second letter of the alphabet have in store for our costumed fairies?

B is for…

B is for...

Battle Kilt

Rebel against the forces of tedium and order in this highland regalia. You’ll terrify your enemies and inspire your brave allies (or intimidate your pranking targets and keep your fairy friends focused on a task for longer than thirty seconds, close enough).

Black Sweater

Take everything not nailed down in this kleptomaniac’s dream ensemble. The impossibly capacitous loot sack means never having to choose between two tempting acquisitions.

Ball Gown

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a fairy in possession of a fine gown must be in want of a ball. Impose a little decorum on the antics of your friends, and give consequence to handsome young ladies by dancing with them twice.

Join us again on Monday for letter C!

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