CFA Preview #5: C is for…

There are plenty of fun things that start with C: cats, clowns, catastrophes… is the same true for fairy fashion?

C is for…


Cowgirl Outfit

Mosey into town in this gunslinger garb and take your shot at glory in a high noon duel.  It’s a rough and tumble life out on the frontier, but dressing the part gives you the grit to come up aces and send the other sucker to Boot Hill.

Clown Suit

Skip Clown College and get right to the hilarious pratfalls and nightmarish endurance with this comical costume.   No matter how menacing the dangers of the world might be to a cheerful little fairy, you’re guaranteed the last laugh.

Cat Hoodie

Appropriate the imperious dignity of the felines in this comfy cover.  Sure, you already had far more than nine lives and have always been immune to herding, but that just means you can be appropriately lazy about playing the part.

Check back on Wednesday for letter D!

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