CFA Preview #6: D is for…

Our latest Costume Fairy Adventures preview brings us outfits both classic and modern. Let’s see what’s in today’s wardrobe.

D is for…

D is for...

Disc Jockey

Mix a little more mischief into the situation with enchanted beats and bewitching wubs. Every great prank needs a signature soundtrack, and you’re here to spin it.

Deerstalker Cap

Make the evidence fit your whimsical deductions and bizarre accusations when you’re in this proper detective kit. Exclude the merely improbable, and prove the impossible to be the truth.

Dancer’s Shawl

Elegantly enthrall your hapless marks and give your friends the perfect opportunity for unopposed mischief. Cheat your way to a dancer’s practiced grace and get yourself into and out of trouble with panache.

Check back on Friday for the Es!

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