CFA Preview #8: F is for…

Our latest Costume Fairy Adventures preview takes us to both the halls of high society and the great outdoors. Which holds the greater danger?

F is for…


Feather Robe

You’re already a powerful nature spirit, but in the garb of a druid you can pretend you know what you’re doing. Command wind, water and forest, or just summon bears.  Bears solve everything.

Fool’s Motley

Use vicious satire to speak truth to power in the guise of the most cunning of courtiers. Even if you don’t have royalty to hand, your friends have Queen-sized egos ripe for deflating with your rapier wit.

Flower Suit

Photosynthesise your way to verdant health by infiltrating the plant kingdom. See if you can get your new compatriots to hold a conversation about anything more interesting than rain, bugs and dirt.

Join is again on Wednesday for the letter G!

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