CFA Preview #9: G is for…

Luck is on your side in today’s Costume Fairy Adventures preview. Defy the odds and look fabulous doing it in these adventurous ensembles.

G is for…


Gambler’s Duds

Give Lady Luck a suave wink across the fourth wall as you manipulate chance in a game that uses dice. Is dapper charm and improbable luck enough to win the mischief jackpot? The odds are in your favour.

Gothic Dress

Define yourself with baroque lace and accessorise with brutal sarcasm. Soothe the affected pain of your fashionably tortured soul by inflicting it on the less elegant.

Green Tunic

Some hero tried to put you in a bottle, and now you’ve got his stuff. Master the sword, show unlimited courage and murder grass for coins. Oh, and let that guy out of the bottle at some point.

Check back on Friday for letter H!

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