Writers sought for adventures with fairies

Are you into tabletop roleplaying games? Do you like to write? Are fairies in silly hats your idea of fun? If so, we have a proposition for you.

Penguin King Games is currently seeking freelance authors to write Playsets for our upcoming game, Costume Fairy Adventures.  Playsets are combination micro-settings and adventure scenarios, spanning the full gamut of premises and locales, from the depths of the Earth to outer space—as long as you can picture a bunch of fashion-conscious fairies having adventures there, it’s fair game! A typical Playset takes the form of a sixteen-page softcover supplement, weighing in at about ten thousand words. Editing, layout, illustration and playtesting will be performed in-house; this call is for writing only.

If that sounds like fun, drop us a line and let us know. Please include a link to your current resume or portfolio, if you have one. If you don’t, that’s okay too—this opportunity is open to newcomers—but enquiries that provide samples of past writing are preferred.

(Please do not include any scenario ideas in your initial message; receiving material without a signed non-disclosure agreement makes our lawyers cranky.)

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