CFA Preview #11: K is for… (plus a special sneak peek!)

As promised, today’s update has a special bonus. In addition to continuing our alphabetic journey, we’re also providing a sneak peek at some of the backer rewards for our upcoming Costume Fairy Adventures Kickstarter campaign!

K is for…

Wait, wait… what happened to I and J? It turns out that we don’t have any Costumes starting with those letters at the moment. In fact, we’re a little light on the Ls, as well, so today’s preview combines K and L. If you have any Costume ideas that might remedy this deplorable lack, why not suggest them on our forums?

Anyway, K is for…


Kung Fu Jacket

Strike with the grace and power of an ancient martial arts lineage, without any of that bothersome discipline, chi cultivation or even a training montage!


Take on an invincible dignity in this elegant robe.  Perfect for a stroll through an ancient capital, a refined appearance at a festival, or just looking much less ridiculous than your lunatic friends.

L is for…

Leather Jerkin

Backstab your problems away while the insane antics of your friends provide all the distraction you’ll ever need.  Your sneak attack doesn’t have to be violent, but it’s never nice.

Finally, as promised, here’s a small preview of the backer rewards for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign:


That’s right – our backers will have the opportunity to take home a hand-painted resin figurine based on our fairies’ fabulous wardrobe. Disclaimer: these photos are of pre-production prototypes, so the final designs may not look exactly as pictured.

Illustration Credits

  • Leather Jerkin and rightmost figurine design by Esme Baran
  • Kung Fu Jacket by Nicole Sexton
  • Kimono and leftmost figurine design by Louise Leung
  • Center figurine design by Miranda Harrell

Check back on Wednesday for more previews!

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