CFA Preview #13: A Mastermind in Her Own Mind

As we close in on getting the finishing touches to the free Quickstart Edition of Costume Fairy Adventures sorted out, we thought we’d give you a special sneak peek at one of the included playable characters.

The Artful Robin

Allow us to introduce The Artful Robin, mastermind in her own mind and the nominal brains of the operation. The brilliance of her schemes is rivaled only by her monumental bad luck in putting them into practice.  (That she lacks the attention span to stick with any one plan for more than fifteen minutes at a stretch is, of course, wholly beside the point.) She doesn’t let that get her down, though: she’ll pull off a scheme worthy of her magnificence one of these days. Oh, yes—some day she’ll show them all!

Click the link below to download a special preview version of Robin’s character sheet:

Quickstart Character Sheet: The Artful Robin

Next time, we’ll take a closer look at the rules of the game. See you then, folks!

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