“Costume Fairy Adventures” Quickstart Edition Updated

Heya, folks. Just posting to let you know that there have been a few updates to the Quickstart Edition.

Firstly, some groups have reported confusion regarding whether players should know about NPC and Location Quirks, or whether they should have to do something special to discover them. For the demo Playset, at least, we think it’s better for the game’s pace if the players don’t have to play guessing games – and besides, more dice means more fun! Accordingly, we’ve updated the demo Playset so that NPC and Location Quirks are now printed on the relevant Mischief Cards. You can get the updated Playset here:

Secondly, some folks who are running a play-by-post game over on our forums hit upon the notion of converting the demo Playset’s Mischief Cards to images in order to make them easier to post. We thought that was a swell idea, so we’ve decided to save y’all the trouble and provide the whole set in image form:

We’ve also done the same with the Quickstart Costume Deck. We still recommend keeping a printed Costume Deck handy during online play, but we recognise that some folks will be posting from mobile devices, or otherwise in situations where that’s not feasible. In such cases, you might find these images more convenient to refer to than a big PDF:

All of these files are linked from our resources page as well from this post.

On another note, we’ve received all of your requests for the Costume Fairy Adventures Kickstarter campaign’s backer-exclusive Costume preview, and finalised the Costumes that will appear in it. The preview PDF is currently in editing and layout, and should be ready to post in the next day or so. Stay tuned, folks – and if you haven’t backed yet, make sure you get your pledge in so you don’t miss out!

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