Progress report for June 29th, 2015

Heya, Costume Fairy Adventures fans. We have good news and not-so-good news.

First, the good news: the Core Rulebook preview has been updated with the errata that came out of our final round of playtesting. A fair number of pages have been touched, so we’ll go over the important ones for ease of reference:

  • p. 89: Clarified who gets to narrate when a PC fairy Stresses Out.
  • p. 96: Clarified the conditions for recovering Stress while on a Break.
  • p. 150: The examples on this page had inadvertently been swapped. (i.e., the example involving Robin and Mae is meant to follow the paragraph about setting NPC dice pools, and the example involving the Arcanodynamic Steam Pachyderm is meant to follow the paragraph about NPCs rolling 6s, not vice versa.)
  • p. 151: Clarified when and how NPCs return to play after being Stressed Out.
  • p. 173: Added a brief discussion of playing without Shenanigans.
  • p. 182: Added a subsection discussing how player-versus-player contests interact with advancing Shenanigans.
  • p. 224: Added an optional rule for randomised multi-use Advantages. (This one was less an errata issue and more a feature request, but we had room to slip it in.)
  • p. 233: Explicitly defined the term “turn cycle”. (It was pointed out that we were using this term without actually defining it anywhere – whoops!)
  • p. 243: Adjusted how tension counters in competitive games work.
  • p. 245: Addressed how to calculate victory thresholds for competitive games with fewer than three players.

In addition, you’ll find new illustrations on pages 128, 172, 203, 263 and 311. If you’ve added the game to your DriveThru library, you should have already received your updated copy; otherwise, you can grab one from the links in Update 77.

Now for the not-so-good news: we don’t have any photos of the Big Pie Caper proofs today. We’d ordered three proof copies, sent via three different couriers to destinations in three different cities, and through a series of shipping errors that we’re sure will be hilarious in retrospect, none of them actually showed up. Our misfortune is your gain, though, because that means you get more art teasers instead! Today’s preview shows what happens when someone gets a little too into her role.

That’s all for now, folks!


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