Progress report for July 13th, 2015

Heya, folks. We’ve got a tiny Costume Fairy Adventures update today, but one that promises big things to come.

On the Core Rulebook front, we’re down to just two illustrations yet to be submitted. We expect to have those in hand any day now, and then we’ll be able to put the finishing touches on the layout. The Big Pie Caper, meanwhile, is rapidly closing in on Revision 1.00; the final PDF should be sent up to DriveThru and in our backers’ hands within the week.

The biggest news for today, however, concerns something you haven’t heard about in a while: Tomb of Follies. The progress reports for that Playset sort of fell off the radar for a bit while we dealt with the Core Rulebook art situation, but it’s been chugging along all the same, and we’re now very close to having a beta version ready for our backers to review. There’s a bit of work left to go on the scenario-building rules, and after that it’s just cleanup. For today, we have a couple of preview spreads from the Playset’s included scenario – these should give y’all an idea of what’s in store. Don’t forget to click for high-res versions!



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