Progress report for August 10th, 2015

Heya, folks. Two brief Costume Fairy Adventures updates for today.

First off, the final proofs for The Big Pie Caper have come in, and everything’s looking very good. Those who’ve expressed curiosity about the print quality can see some close-ups below. There were just a teeny-tiny handful of typos and layout issues we caught during the final review, so we’ll be issuing an updated “revision 1.01” PDF to backers within the next few days. After that, we’ll send off the order for the printed copies, and it’ll just be a matter of waiting.

Secondly, the Gen Con sessions went off without a hitch. We don’t have any detailed Actual Play reports yet – a lot of folks are still in con recovery mode – but it’s coming. A few highlights to tide you over:

  • Group #1 decided to prevent the pie-eating contest by going back in time, reasoning that taking over the church clocktower would give them control of time’s flow.
  • Group #2 built a clockwork robot, stormed the festival grounds with the power of heavy metal, and trapped the entire town in a magical gingerbread maze.
  • Both groups ended up burning down the bakery, for unrelated reasons.
  • Since the Playset doesn’t actually specify what Bill Harvey’s house looks like, group #2 decided he lived in a giant candle. Oddly, this didn’t get burned down.

That’s all for now!

bpc-final-01 bpc-final-02 bpc-final-03

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