Progress report for November 30th, 2015

Heya, Costume Fairy Adventures fans. This update is quick, but the news is big!

Both the Core Rulebook and Tomb of Follies are finished editing and layout, and the digital files have been submitted to our printer for approval. We’re still in the middle of the setup-and-approvals process, which typically takes several days to sort out; based on past performance, we expect to have the printed proofs in our hands within 2-3 weeks, holiday shipping permitting.

The PDFs available to our backers via DriveThru have been updated to reflect the final pre-print corrections. We haven’t flipped them over to “revision 1.00” status yet because the possibility exists that there will be further corrections after we see the proofs, but at this point, what you see is essentially the finished product. (Less a couple of illustrations for Tomb of Follies that didn’t quite make the deadline for today’s update – rest assured that the relevant parties have been duly shamed!)

That’s all for now!


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