Progress report for January 4th, 2016

Heya, Costume Fairy Adventures fans. We’re ready to kick off 2016 with two pieces of happy news!

First, the final edits on Tomb of Follies are complete. We’ve updated the PDFs on DriveThru to revision 1.00; if you backed or pre-ordered, you should have received the email already. We’ve also added the print-and-play token sheet referred to in the GM’s section to the DriveThru download package. Digital fulfillment of this item is now complete. Onward to print!

Secondly, the printed proofs of the Core Rulebook have arrived! The colours have come out magnificently, with only a handful of minor issues that need tweaking. However – as you can probably see in the photos above – we’re having some text alignment issues. That’s totally our fault; we’d miscalculated the width of the spine (the book is a fairly hefty tome!), resulting in the text landing closer to the inner margin than is strictly ideal. Fortunately, the Core Rulebook has a clean, simple layout with lots of whitespace to play with, so fixing this up should be straightforward.

While we’re working on that, the final round of edits on the Core Rulebook is proceeding apace – we should be ready to flip the digital files for the Core Rulebook over to revision 1.00 this month as well.

That’s all for now!








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