Premium Hardcover now available!

Heya, folks. It’s taken a bit longer than we’d anticipated, but we’ve finally sorted out the last few details that were standing in the way of offering Costume Fairy Adventures via DriveThru’s premium print service.

As of now, the Costume Fairy Adventures Core Rulebook is available in Premium Hardcover format. Brighter colours! Shinier paper! Did we mention the shiny? Right, then!

We know a lot of you were holding out for this, so until the end of November, you can use the following link to receive a 25% discount on the Premium Hardcover version of the Costume Fairy Adventures Core Rulebook:

For the non-mathematically-inclined, the discount works out to exactly the same amount as the price of the standalone PDF, so if you already have the PDF, and you order the premium hardcover version with this code, it’ll end up costing the same as if you’d ordered the Premium Hardcover + PDF bundle to begin with. This offer ends on December 1st, so get it while the getting’s good!

That’s all for now!


Illustration by Louise Kay Uy

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