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    The village is a rural community in a poorly-defined fantasy world just on the cusp of an industrial revolution. The Pie Festival is the biggest day of the year, bringing in farmers from across the district and travellers from across the barony. The focus of the festival is the pie eating competition, which awards copious local glory and a trophy. Mae Honeydew (the baker from The Little Pie Caper) is responsible for producing sufficient pies for the competition, and despite her exceptional baking skills is hopelessly overwhelmed by the work, as she is every year.

    In an alternate universe where the fairies do not arrive to throw everything into chaos, Mae will barely squeeze out enough pies for the contest at the cost of a borderline breakdown. The shepherd Allison Carter will win the trophy (Allison always wins), with Smithee Smith VI and Tanya Barrington coming in second and third respectively. Bill and Johns mutual attempts at sabotage will see them tie for last place, before starting an undignified fistfight that causes Mae to bludgeon the pair of them to the ground with a rolling pin. Tanya chooses that moment to confess her love, sending a frazzled Mae over the edge, while Smithee Smith VII arrives to drunkenly disown his father. The Mayor spends the next month trying to patch up shattered friendships and families.

    Of course that wont happen, because the three idiot suitors did invite the fairies, who will ruin everything and make it awesome.


    So far, we have four confirmed players!
    Pooka Lavender, with the Clown Suit, Angel Dress, and Evil Overlords Armor
    Artful Robin, with the Leather Jerkin, Bee Suit, and the Mascot Suit
    Leticia Redleaf, with the Vampire makeup, Pirate Costume, and the (all-adorable) Bunny Hat
    Queen Mabby, with the Cape & Tights, the Cowgirl Outfit, and the Tie-Die Shirt

    Once the four of you have registered and posed in your starting outfit (likely flitting about the woods, about to come across those requests for the fairy folk) we can get started!


    (OOC: Heya, folks. I won’t be participating in this playtest in any official capacity, but I will be available to answer any questions that may arise. You may, if you wish, create a separate OOC chatter thread for that purpose by prefixing the thread title with “OOC:”.)

    David J Prokopetz
    President, Penguin King Games



    Truly, the annual pie-eating contest is the crown jewel of the year out here. The sights, the smells, the partying all show the village at its best, and the high levels of stress and tension show it at its most entertaining. And, since it is the crown jewel of the year, it is only fitting that the Queen be in attendance, to oversee the festivities and provide the royal influence required to keep the festival on the right track.

    The track leading directly to glorious, glorious havoc, of course. Mabby is chillin’ regally in her tie-dye shirt as she looks out over the town from a convenient tree. Downwind of the bakery, of course. Something about this attire makes things smell better. Also, the texture of this tree bark is awesome, totally check that out.



    Leticia Redleaf is on the scene, carefully scouting out what might happen. The scene here of course is…well the woods. But that doesn’t mean that disaster isn’t about to strike, which of course is why she’s presently removing acorns from the trees while dressed in her Vampire outfit. She eyes a squirrel hungrily but no, no back to work! And that work was divesting plants of acorns so they won’t bonk anyone on the head!



    Pooka is seated cross-legged in the forest clearing, gussied up as a snow-white Angel of Love and Mercy and tying some spare sticks together into a worrying contraption with twine. “I wonder what the people are going to do at the festival with the pies?” She sniffs the air, her keen goblin senses registering a wonderful, beautiful smell: bacon! She sets aside her project (which unwinds a moment later with a PING! noise and launches an acorn out into the treeline) and marches in the direction of that glorious aroma.

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    The Artful Robin was, in the curiously coincidental nature of the world, also currently doing something with acorns in the very same wood at that very same point of time and in the very same general vicinity. Coincidence was something she was used to, especially within the secretive, magical nature of the fair folk. Instead of ejecting them, however, she was trying to acquire some. Of course, everyone knew that acorns didn’t just grow on trees, don’t be silly, so she’d elected to steal some from a particularly irascible squirrel. She’d planned it all out carefully, applying her not inconsiderable intellect to this delicate operation.
    Several lengths of twine, a twig, a few pieces of tissue paper and a whole tub of tomato ketchup later she’d succeeded.

    Of course, she hadn’t exactly /meant/ for the acorns to spontaneously catch on fire but after she’d emerged coughing and wiping away the soot from her leather jerkin, she was sure that everyone would agree that it had all gone according to plan. Another fit of Genious! for one Robin, Artful.

    It was then that Pooka’s acorn landed, ricocheting off her head with a loud but satisfying ‘thunk’. Several minutes of stumbling around and a cold compress later, Robin sat down in a huff. “You know what? Screw nature. I’ll take that invitation after all, let’s get some pie instead!”

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    Discovery! Throughout the woods near the village, prizes and tribute has been offered! While squirrels may flee vampiric painted faeries and acorns may work devilish work against perfectly placed planners, something far more interesting has been discovered! And Faerie folk being faerie folk, you are all called to observe these glad findings!

    The first of the tributes is a side of bacon, hauled halfway up a tree, and attached to it is a simple note with crude handwriting.

    “Dear Fairies, that bastard Bill Harvey has almost won my beloved Mae over, and I can’t have that. Stop him
    from winning tomorrow’s pie eating contest, and you’ll have enough sausages for a year.”

    It is far from the last of the prizes discovered! Hastily mounted on a road sign stood a beautiful brass candlestick, with a scented candle gently burning. Tied about the shaft of the candlestick was the following note in clean blocky letters.

    “Dear Fair Folk, I have almost won the heart of my beloved Mae, but that awful John Thompson is always
    getting in the way. Make sure he doesn’t win tomorrow’s pie eating contest, and your lairs will not be dark for a

    And then finally, when delight at such letters and gifts had yet to fade, a third tribute was found! In the center of a fairy stone circle and exquisitely dressed elaborate doll knelt, with a single note curled in its hands. The flowing cursive read~

    “Noble fair ones, I want to tell my beloved Mae how I feel, but I can never get a moment alone with her. Can
    you arrange for us to have some time to speak tomorrow, without those oafs Bill and John or all the stress of the
    pie competition? If you can, you’ll have dresses for a year. Yours, Tanya Barrington”

    Of course, it is customary of the faerie folk to honor such requests-what *fun* could there be if you didn’t? With the day to plot and plan (as much as faerie folk are prone to such things) you can ready for an able day tomorrow…

    … and while a day to plan might be appreciated, faerie folk are notorious for wasting away time, and soon enough its morning! All those faerie who have chosen to honor these three requests will find themselves peering forth from the grass just off the edge of town, the village square proper wide in front of them, the bakery already busily working from the plume of smoke the rises from it, the sound of merriment starting to rise….

    How shall you all get started?



    Pooka burps gently as she reads the note she found attached to the bacon, sharing it with the others. Help someone lose a competition? That sounds a lot easier than helping them win. Two people, no less! Peace and quiet might be harder to arrange, but there’s an idea or two turning over in her noggin.

    That morning, still in her angelic garb, Pooka saunters into the village and makes her way to the square. Nobody will stop her, right? A pure, innocent, angelic thing like her?



    Leticia is there as well, with her ideas well in hand. Maybe it was still the aftereffects of being a dark creature of the night, but she slowly slipped into the village as well. An idea so simple for her. She’d first scrounge a set of ingredients from a kitchen, something so vile that once she’d spiked the pies with it, no one would be able to win. It’d be a tie of 0…and probably people being green with sickness. First though, she’d have to find something appropriately disguising. Whatever the village used for a refuse heap would be a good start for that.



    The Queen finds these offerings pleasing! Not one, not two, but three offerings made to Her Regal Self! Truly, such offerings must be repaid. Not that the offerings were actually made to her personally, or that there were really many possible outcomes to inviting fairies to a party. Really, it’s like bringing a pack of labradors to a squirrel show.

    “Dearest subjects, We must be certain to fully repay the kindnesses of these three supplicants. We must be certain to offer Our very best contributions to the festival, and make sure that it is truly an unforgettable event.” Mabby being Mabby and fairies being fairies, it’s unlikely that anyone stuck around to hear anything past the first couple words.

    She flutters with dignity and grace along after the pack of complete lunatics she thinks of as her subjects, mentally making a bit of a shopping list. A handsaw, some hot sauce, a funnel, a couple bottles of whiskey, a firecracker…


    Silver Rin

    From inside the hollow of a massive oak tree, a redheaded fairy pops up and looks around with growing trepidation. Snapdragon had clearly overslept and now can see several of her fellow fae already on the way into the nearby village. This is what happens when she exhausts herself doing her duty. Looking down at her firefighting uniform, she nods to herself. Others might have been randomly causing trouble, but she’d been defending the forest by chasing off fireflies most of the night. Her home won’t be turned to smoke and ash while she’s around!

    Still….the others are ahead of her! This cannot stand. Flying quickly after them, she cries out in her loudest voice, “Hey, wait up!” There, now they’ll pause and she can shoot past, getting to the village before everyone else!



    Can you give us a quick description of the town? Any places that stand out besides the bakery?



    Ah, the village square! Where else to start a description of the most popular place in town?

    Currently abuzz with festival-goers, waiting for the start of the pie-eating competition. Five long tables have
    been set up to the North of the statue of the town’s (wholly fictional) founder Miranda Clegg, ready for the
    gastronomical frenzy.

    On either side of the Town Center are some of the more important land marks in town-The Town Hall of course, alongside the Rose Gables (currently closed it seems to all members of the competition-faerie magic instinctively picks up on this for some reason). The bakery, the shops of all three message writers (a butcher shop, a tailors shop, and a candlestick shop, for those faeries who have already forgotten), and even the smith can all be seen tucked away around the village square, making it easy to visit

    Many of the most important figures in town are already present-Bill loudly is arguing with John already, both of them just outside of the Rose Gables. Tough to see what the conversation is about from here, but Smithee Smith the V1, local Smith, and Allison are both nearby chirping in thier contributions to this ‘lively discussion’.

    Course, looking at the square, one can’t help but think of a few things that might be fun-

     photo TownSquareMischief_zps1df9bb08.png

    For Leticia, her plot brings her past the bakery-after all, thats where the pies are being cooked that she will have to sabotage! The bakery is no doubt familiar to the faeries-not so long ago they came here to borrow a pie to make their awesome pie-a-pult with!

    The Honeydew Bakery-It’d have a more interesting name, but thinking it up would have wasted precious baking time. Normally a utilitarian, well-ordered bread shop, today it is the nexus of a logistics nightmare. Sacks of ingredients, exhausted apprentices and makeshift ovens filled with pies litter the surrounds. Mae Honeydew even now is baking furiously, looking terribly stressed and overworked-how odd for a lady who is being pursued by three romantics this special day!

    … course, you know what might be kinda funny to do here?

     photo BakeryMischief_zps94ff91aa.png

    (To Leticia: No refuse heap yet, but if you wish to look around for one, give me a 2d6 roll to randomly glance about the village for what you want)



    Pooka follows her nose into the village square, not too concerned about whether or not she’s seen at this point. No antics yet, right? She looks at the statue of Miranda Clegg, wheels turning in her head (Pooka’s head, that is: if wheels are turning in Miranda’s head she doesn’t know about it yet), and then begins ambling in the direction of the tailor’s shop, giving the arguing humans and the chirping humans a wave by way of greeting as she does so. She has An Idea.



    Letecia considers her options, still randomly casing the village as she alights on her pie shop. She doesn’t do anything just yet, but as she continues to search for the midden heap, she also takes time to scout and plan, attempting to find a pie apprentice. Really, beyond any generic mischief…and getting the couple alone, she thinks that pie sabotage is the best way to deal with this problem. She also thinks about how smart she is for having figured out such an obscure detail. And then she thinks about pie for a good 60 seconds. for searchery findery

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