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    The Queen gazes regally down upon the town square. not only is this an ideal angle for looking down the Royal Nose at things, but humans are notoriously bad at looking up. And oh look. A bakery. Full of pie. Well, pie and chaos, and together these things sing a glorious siren song to Her Royal Flutteriness. This demands her attention. She alights upon the bakery roof with dignity and grace, and hides behind the chimney to adjust her attire.

    This looks like a job for Supermab!

    Clad in the tights of might, Supermab descends behind the bakery, peering in a window to do a little reconaissance before she begins her great work. She wonders for a moment if there is a meteorologist costume out there somewhere, but knows what they would predict already. Cloudy with a chance of pastry.



    The Artful Robin appeared on the scene late. Fashionably late, one could say. Though Robin always wondered who this ‘one’ was and why he always said so much. He seemed frightfully important.

    Well then, this was a shindig and no mistake. Time to get this party started.

    Robin popped up behind Snapdragon. “HI! The name’s Robin! Artful Robin. I have a license to be terribly clever! It’s true. I wrote the license myself! And of course, one can say, words have power! I know a lot of words, including ones such as discombobulated!” She paused for a moment, and rubbed her chin. “Which I’m reasonably certain is a species of fish.”

    She paused for a moment. It was time to get the group together, and Get Things Done. She reached out and booped Snapdragon Red on the nose. “TAG, you’re it!” – and then Robin legged it, haring around the outskirts of the hoedown. She’d tag Mab on her way past, of course, with a solid smack to her ass. What better way to bond than some Pointless Competition?



    A race is on! All of those that have been prompted into a race can easily rush in and participate-It is in full view of everyone after all! This will of course necessitate some sort of skill challenge form those racers-be it boisterous moxie or careful grace that sees them around the town center!

    The argument in the village center even flounders a bit as faerie folk make thier presence known-a gasp from Smithee The Smith the VI as the playful things start the race!

    Of course, Letecia manages to find something nearby of interest in her goal to sabotage the Bakery-the Water Mill! It churns constantly now, the Millers (used to be the Kjeldsons, but Smithee bullied them into a name change after they started the mill) are working at top speed now to try and provide enough millers flour to keep the bakery going. And of course, jsut seeing the place starts up such ideas~

    <ideas to be added here tomorrow, once I upload that helpful mission card to photobucket and then to here.>



    “Oh no you don’t!” Red exclaims. Loudly–any villagers who hadn’t already noticed the fair folk in their midst probably have now. “Ain’t nobody faster than Snapdragon Red!” Spreading her wings, she takes off after Robin in a buzzing red blur.



    (as a small reminder, those in the race should be rolling against a trait at this point! If you are trying to win by dumb luck, use Shine, or by being the most competitive faerie ever, Moxie! Invisible Castle will be used to help get those dice rolled-remember that you are trying to get as close to your attribute without going *over*, and that you get multiple dice if you are able to use your own quirks (or the quirk of your other racers against them!). See the rules for more information about dice rolling.

    And as for Leticia’s visit to the Water Mill….

     photo cfa-quickstart-demo-playset-mischief-cards-27_zps5d23f766.png

    And finally!

    Pooka finds the tailors home with little difficulty-its the well dressed mannequins in the front of the store that gives them away. Really, she should be more careful about leaving such obvious hints to her residence!

    “Oh, Mae Honeydew~” Tanya’s voice echoes a bit, the girl currently trying to charm a mannequin that sits nearby. Tanya flutters her eyebrows dramatically as she practices, sweeping to one knee. “Would you do this fair maid the honor of kissing your hand, most belevolent of pastry goddesses?” Wow. With how this girl speaks, she probably has written some of her ‘romance’ down somewhere….

     photo cfa-quickstart-demo-playset-mischief-cards-7_zps29977794.png



    Pooka gives a silent giggle at the performance in front of her before leaping into the tailor’s shop, dress fluttering around her. With a sunny, utterly innocent smile to Tanya and her mannequin she starts mooching around the shop, looking for a seemingly random set of items: gauzy, shimmery fabric, wood that could be bent into a suitable framework, something appropriately costume-y in the tiara department. Gears continue to turn in her little brain.

    (Rolling Focus to look for appropriate materials for putting together a makeshift costume, but a human-sized one. Using my Disarming quirk for an extra die and spending a point of Magic for another. Roll is here:

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    (For Snapdragon Red I’m rolling against Moxie. I think the “Hot-blooded” Quirk applies, and I’m spending a Magic point to bring in a 3rd die. Rolling Moxie to win the race: (1d6=5, 1d6=2, 1d6=6). So my result is 2, against a Moxie of 4, plus a 6. This should be interesting! ^_^)

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    Letecia considers her options, her mischif sense tingling. Clearly, she knows what she needs to do. And that is firstly…get ten percent of the flour for…something. Something devilish, probably something involving…getting the bakers to all think they need, not their normal pies, but one giant sized pie for the compitition. She thinks that is her goal now, and goes to try and get the flour for a start.



    The Artful Robin, is, of course, not one to be taken lightly in a race, even though it really was only a scheme which would succeed whether she won the race or not! Still, might as well give it her all, there was pride on the line.

    The little fairy darts along, dragonfly wings flitting, oozing grace and skill from every pore as she twirls and darts along the race track.

    (Quirk: I Have A Plan! And +1 edge due to Superior Flight = rolling for grace (3) 1D6=2 / 1D6=3 : 3 + 1 for the edge = 4!)



    The race is on! And while Red takes an early lead, running under the foot of a clumsy human and sending the poor woman falling over with a small squeal, its instead Artful Robin that takes the lead! She zigs, she zags, she whirls around Smithee the Smith the Sixth in such a blur the man sputters twice and and covers his heart! “Confound these faeries!” he’s heard sputtering as the faeries continue thier race. “Why, in my day…”

    Such a spoilsport. That officilaly puts him on the list.

     photo cfa-quickstart-demo-playset-mischief-cards-11_zps48e9b768.png

    That said, the race is brought to a conclusion, with Robin in the lead! Red, Robin, act appropriately…

    and also this marks a mission complete! 5 Mischief Motes Managed! Ignore the fact that the GM is taking 1 doom dice to add to thier stash….

    And Tanya is astonished, but amused. “Ah, fair folk, you no doubt are fulfilling our agremeent, one in which myself and the lovely Mae shall be united?” She regards the fairy before her with great amusement, bowing before Pooka in a little motion. “Do go on! I look forward to your deeds and result!”

    And of course Pooka manages to get her outfit together! Its identical to the one Pooka’s wearing right now, just with some fairie wings added to make sure it stands out~

    Leticia, stealing flour is easy. Super easy. But stealing *this* much flower is going to take you coming up with a means! Like a giant bag. Or some help from someone wearing a super suit! Or just roll it and do something crazy! either way, I need to know how a tiny fairy gets *all* that flour!



    Pooka thinks about this for a moment, head tilted to one side, then gives a silent but enthusiastic nod! Sure, this’ll probably help Tanya with her problems. Somehow. She’s sure of it. A wad of costuming materials goes leapfrogging out of the door of the tailor’s shop, the goblin doing the heavy lifting invisible underneath. Next stop: back to the statue. It’s lacking a certain something, it really is, and Pooka believes that this is a problem like all other problems, in that it can be solved by dress-up.



    Mab is posing heroically as Robin gets her attention in a terribly undignified way, in a dreadful violation of the court protocol that is almost entirely in Mab’s head and only outside of it because of the way fairies tend to impose their will upon their surroundings. A race? It would be terribly improper for Her Royal Highness, Queen Danainae Mab, Empress of that bit over there, Defender of the -Oooh look a shiny! … to not give a good showing in such an event!

    For this reason, The Mighty Supermab takes off like a shot, employing her mighty super-speed! Which is like her regular speed, but with a cape.

    Unfortunately, Supermab’s Super Attention Span is not as fast as she is. Actually, it’s sitting on the bakery rooftop, distracted by the scent of pie. Tragic, really. That’s what you get with fairies.

    Mab’s flight takes a sudden turn, veering off at a right angle as she turns her head mid-flight, a shiny object having drawn her attention. Her Royal Highness should really give an order to hummingbirds to be more careful with their glittering. Oh, hey, it’s Leticia! And there’s the smith! … Mab remembers something. It’s possibly it’s not a memory of anything that ever actually happened before, but hey. Mab’s the queen of her own little world. It has cookies. and pies. And- That’s right. Pies. There are pies here.

    Mab stops flying for a moment, visions of pies dancing in her head. And cake! She likes cake. Having stopped flying, she drops like a particularly fluttery rock, right on to the shoulder of Smithee Smith IV.

    “The pie festival! We remember the last time The Royal Self visited here for the pie festival. The Smithee Cake stood proud, prepared by the honourable Smithee Smith III. It was a simple pound cake, well, more like an eighty-pound cake. Can’t get too elaborate with baking in a smithy. He’d done it every year, he had, as had his father before him. Er, you do have the Smithee Cake in the works, right? It’s just not a proper pie festival without it. Oh! What’s that?”

    And with that, Supermab is off again. Surely there is something more that demands the attention of Her Royal Self! Her Super Royal Self. Her Rotal Super Self? Whatever.

    (Grace roll! To throw the impression that a) I am supposed to be here, and b) I did not just completely make up that outrageous claim that I am now utterly convinced is the unvarnished truth. Rolls(1+1 for Rich Fantasy Life, with the third one if I can take advantage of tradition shorting out Smith’s common sense): 1, 5, 3. My Grace is 4.)



    Red didn’t lose, she just got distracted by the mortal. That’s her story, anyway. She flits up to eye-level with the smith. “Oh yeah?” she says challengingly, hands on hips, “in your day, what?”



    Letecia clearly needs all that flower for…something. She’s not fully sure what, but something. Currently she’s thinking about a big pie. Or possibly just forcing the bakers to break their necks. And that’s when she gets it. She flies over to a worker at the mill. “Hey! Some travelers entered your pie contest just today! They need you to take another…” she rapidly counts the bags of flour as best she can and guesses what ten percent is “Ten bags over to the bakery right this minute, you’ll be compensated later. They’re so busy they flagged down a passing by fairy to give you this message even, so you KNOW it’s important.”

    (Rolling I presume Moxie. But in any case my trait defiantly applies here! )

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