David J Prokopetz Profile ImageDavid J Prokopetz

President (or so his business cards claim)

Penguin King’s founder, and also its sole full-time employee. With past exploits ranging from providing technical support for environmental scientists to installing a giant laser on top of a skyscraper and pointing it at City Hall, publishing games about fairies actually isn’t the weirdest thing he’s ever done for money.


Though Penguin King Games is a small operation, we’ve worked with many talented writers and artists to make our games a reality. Here are just a few of the folks who’ve contributed to the Penguin King library.

Writers & Editors

D Cobb Profile ImageD Cobb


A self-styled callow youth with more ideas than common sense, D Cobb makes her debut as a published writer of more than just weird fanfiction. Her main passion, however, is programming, and someday she’ll totally be some kind of Famous Video Game Developer, just you wait.

Rebecca Mooney Profile ImageRebecca Mooney

A second-generation gamer, Rebecca is a person whose obsession with little details (such as people and microbes) has led her to write about some very strange things with a straight face, ranging from terrible puns in microbiology to a serious discussion of lava squids and their applications in romance. When she isn’t buried somewhere in a laboratory, she’s happily typing away on whatever task she has been given.

Jye Nicolson Profile ImageJye Nicolson

Penguin King needed a writer obsessed with quality game mechanics and sappy romance manga, and Jye was the closest. When not churning out words in service to David’s mad schemes, he makes video games and other interactive media for museums, aquariums and theme parks.

Scott Vandervalk Profile ImageScott Vandervalk

Scott Vandervalk is interested in stories, games and education, and in the ways they can be connected together. As a freelance editor, his work on RPGs includes Nefertiti Overdrive and Crucible, both of which funded through Kickstarter. Scott also dabbles intensively with gardening and cooking. He has an awesome hat, but doesn’t wear it enough.

Artists & Graphic Designers

Dawn Davis Profile ImageDawn Davis

Website | Tumblr

Dawn Davis, or “playerprophet” works hard in freelance to pay rent in two countries. She draws a lot on planes between Halifax, Nova Scotia and Helsinki, Finland. Her work has appeared on albums, board games, and small press publications. Her work is inspired by video games, religious iconography, and comes with an anime twist.

Miranda Harrell Profile ImageMiranda Harrell

Portfolio | Tumblr

Having worked semi-professionally as an artist for over a decade, Miranda Harrell was first published in Nobilis: The Essentials (Volume 1; A Field Guide To Powers) by Jenna K Moran. Working as a professional artist, she creates in many mediums but specializes in anime-esque style caricatures, cartoons and markers and continues to enjoy projects in game design and development of all variety.

Kiyo Profile ImageKiyo

Portfolio | Tumblr

A freelance artist from Finland, Kiyo has previously worked on several White Wolf titles under the Exalted, Werewolf, and Changeling game lines. Often found playing hermit in her cave equipped with the latest gaming technology, she prefers to create art digitally but can occasionally be found elbow-deep in real paint. Obsessive when it comes to drawing hair.

Ella Kurki Profile ImageElla Kurki


Ella Kurki is a coffee addict who is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator by night, 3D animation student by day. She has worked as a designer for Finnish Cultural Offices and several small press publications.

Louise Leung Profile ImageLouise Leung

Portfolio | Tumblr

Primarily a digital artist, Louise Leung specializes in colour and composition for backdrops and character designs. She has a fluid style that balances detail and simplicity together with a slight anime influence.

Cassandra McKown Profile ImageCassandra McKown

Portfolio | Tumblr

Cassandra Rose McKown, better known as C.Rose, is an American designer and illustrator with a BFA in Graphic Design. Working in game design, graphic novels, and branding for several years has developed a set of skills specialized for digital art, but from time to time she enjoys getting her hands dirty with her many crafty (and often quite nerdy) hobbies.

Lis Razo Profile ImageLis Razo

Portfolio | Tumblr

Wielding naught but her tablet and a whole lot o’ heart, cartoonist Lis Razo stumbled onto the freelance scene in the Summer of 2012. Now a bona fide purveyor of big-headed cartoon people, Lis enjoys the patronage of people seeking cute, clean art. Armed with a style marked by solid inks and charming simplicity, Lis seeks a welcoming group to settle down with in the semi-professional community. Oh, and she thinks you’re looking swell today.

amelie-rommeiß-freelancer-profileAmelie Rommeiß

Portfolio | Tumblr

Amelie Rommeiß is a digital artist from Germany. Her biggest accomplishment in the art scene so far is to succeed at uploading her works to Tumblr and gaining medium attention with it. A lot of hopes and dreams wait to be realized, but until then, her bio will be a little bit boring.

Louise Kay Uy Profile ImageLouise Kay Uy

Portfolio | Tumblr

Louise Kay Uy is a comic and storyboard artist with a BA in Animation. She specializes in an anime-influenced cartoon style and has a love for character dynamics and composition. Currently she’s working on a personal comic series but finds time to submit illustrations to projects, most recently Tankadere Vol 3: Daring Dames.

Kimberly Wang Profile ImageKimberly Wang

Portfolio | Tumblr

Kimberly Wang is a primarily digital artist who loves the cute and the colorful. She enjoys webcomics, cartoons, and videogames.